NE Catering - prides itself on its affordable yet incredibly delicious food that works within our clients budget. We are customer-centered oriented and our catering officers also customized accommodations that will fit your preferred events.

Vision - to become the number one (1) choice catering services in any special ocassion.

Our Vision's meaning:
  1. Becoming the number one choice catering services means having a high quality
      delicious food, and giving an exceptional presentation and service in very resonable
  2. It means hitting our target sales in order to make an expansion for our business
       and elevate the lives of our employees.
  3. It means making our company a brand name known to people.

- 1. to Glorify God (1 corinthians 10:31)
- 2. to make happy customers who will make more customers.

Our Mission's meaning:
  1. The very purpose of why our business exists is for god's glory.
  2. Our intention is to produce happy and very satisfied customers in order to make
       their special event very loved to keep in memory.
  3. Our mission defines our strategy. Making our customers as the main marketing
       force who would help us achieves our vision.

  – The BIBLE is the sole authority of our beliefs and conduct.
  – We love and serve God and others unconditionally.
  – We value Integrity.
  – We give more than what is expected.
  – We always make our customer's event as SPECIAL.
  – We make friends not enemies.
  – We value time and make the best out of every opportunity.
  – We make Cleanliness as TOP PRIORITY.
  – We make innovations.
  – We listen.
  – We are open for corrections, advices, and change.
  – We value Teamwork.
  – We value Creativity.
  – We value Professionalism.
  – We are happy to hear good reports and generous in giving compliments.
  – We value accountability and transparency.
  – We maintain the atmosphere of joy, forgiveness and humility.
  – We protect our company's properties and conserve every resource we have.
  – We give our deep concern and respect to our co-employee regardless of position.
  – We allow mistake and give second chances, but we don't allow habitual mistake.
  – We make time for rest and leisure.
  – We impose submission to authority.
  – We impose our rules and regulations.
  – We believe in leadership by modelling (leadership by example).
  – We believe in our employee's capability to change, to improve and to do greater